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Welcome To the Mad House

Midnyte Vampire Wolf Doll by Midnyte-Wolff

Candy Skull Character Batch 1 by Midnyte-Wolff

Female | Married | Wolfpire | Homoinclined

Merry meet my fellow deviants. You may call me Midnyte, or Middy for short.
It appears that you have stumbled over to the darker corner of my reality.
I must caution you, this place is not for the faint of heart and weak minded deviants.
It is a place of chilling, other worldly desires and dreams. A place of darkness and
shadow looming just beyond the reality you know and feel safest in. So please tread
with caution my dear visitors. You don't know what sort of nightmare you may stumble into.



My Page Guidelines

:bulletwhite: I do not wish to see any advertising on my page.
:bulletwhite: There will be no rude remarks or bashing of my work or beliefs.
:bulletwhite: No begging for points or artwork. The answer is Hell No!
:bulletwhite: Read all my information before asking me questions.
:bulletwhite: Don't ignore my rules just because we are friends.

Copyright notice by AngelLale87

My Icon Army


My infamous icon army. All these icons were made by me.
I used a base for one or two however. The rest were created
souly by my own hand and my computer.

Midnight Magic Icon by Midnyte-WolffMidnyte Beast Form Icon by Midnyte-WolffBouncy Midnyte by Midnyte-WolffMiddy's Skull Icon by Midnyte-WolffMidnyte Pixel Icon by Midnyte-WolffMidnyte-Wolff Blinking Icon by Midnyte-Wolff

Claude Faustus <3

Kuroshitsuji III

"The spider will always seek to devour the butterfly."

Kaminari Konji, a half shinigami half demon hybrid summons the great spider demon from the depths of hell in order to make an unusual deal. In exchange for his help in destroying another demon he will gain freedom from the prison of hell since his previous death at the hand of Sebastian Michaelis. Concocting a plan of his own the spider reluctantly agrees and thus the bond between a butterfly and a spider begins to weave itself once again.

"Bred into hatred and loss the butterfly must flitter on within the grasp of the spiders jaws as the moth flies closer carrying the flame"

Beyond the veil lies the darkest of evil. It plans and it waits for the right moment to strike. An ancient foe both the spider & the crow once called a companion now breeds terrony on them both and seeks to destroy using that which was lost to the hybrid. Can an alliance be formed in time to vanquish the great moth before it destroys all that has been created? Or will the mighty fall to the fire of vengeance and revelry before the new dark ruler.

:bulletwhite: Kaminari's Character Sheet: :bulletwhite:

Levi Ackerman <3

Levi Page Doll by nyharu A Brazen Captain cleaning heichou -pagedoll- by yunisu-chan
"Cadet Arabell Freud reporting for duty Sir. It is a pleasure and an honar to meet humanities greatest soldier."

Love is a funny thing indeed. For an officer in the Survay Corp meeting the captain was more then just a mere moment in time. But, for the blissful Arabelle, it was the moment she came face to face with her hero and idol for the first time. A meeting drawn in fate with the fine line of truth and decision. A meeting destined to change the course of a girls life forever whether she new it then or not.

"I don't mind doing it Captain. My mother worked as a maid, cleaning houses to make ends meet. I would help her whenever I could. So cleaning was sorta bred into me."

A special bond can form between anyone if they work hard enough for it. Luckily for Arabelle the bond with her captain came easy but, the life of a soldier was never forgotten. Training and pushing herself to be the best she could be and working to portray the ideal soldier and loving woman the captain deserved. With the help of Eren Jeager, Arabelle was able to break through her own fears and restraints and take her place as dutiful friend, loving wife, soldier of the Survey Corps and a member of the new team Levi.

Hidan <3

A Follower of the Bloody Rights

"Blood is the water of life and it is my joy to take that life away."

A child abandon in the star village. A family to take her in and raise her to be good. What influence then did drive her to follow a monster? The preacher of pain and blood, came to her and realized the potential in her kekkei genkai that controlled the blood in a person once it was ingested. He took the child and committed her to the great Jashin.

"Behold my own sacrifice to him. A visage painted in the blood of those who don't believe. May their cries forever echo his glory to the heaven's so that world will know of him and his work. For I am his priestess, the princess of blood."

Yuki Ketsueki was thus named by the monster and taken under his wing. Their she stayed within the grasp of darkness following and aiding her sensei in the ways of Jashin. For this is her life now. This is the world she knows. Granted immortality like he, she performs her work with a thirsty madness, slicing away at the victims before her without remorse or concern. All to gain favor and praise from the only creature on this world that has earned her love, the beloved monster and sensei. Forever she will follow him, until the ends of time rise like the ocean. Even then she will remain at his side. Clinging desperately to the only man worthy of love in this torn down world. the one creature she gave her all to long ago.

"Bring on the pain. I know my duty and nothing you have can sever that chain. It is to my sensei and it is eternal, just as your suffering will be, less you step aside."


Not All the resources viewed on this page belong to me!

They belong to their original creators! I do not claim them as mine in any way.
Please be respectful of them and their work.


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